Sutranovum Foundation - a charitable trust to end the need for charities

Sutranovum Foundation exists to give money away to support the evolution of evolution.

We give away money based on the following criteria:

The project must deal with a root issue - that means preventative not palliative.

So we would not create a hospital. As that’s palliative. We would set up a health center that teaches how to eat wisely and farm wisely and how the two genders' needs differ.

We would fund educational organizations that promote ethical entrepreneurship or sustainable manufacturing or sustainable agriculture or holistic education or management in deprived places where society has long overlooked such approaches.

At the moment this is most of the planet. Our goal is to end the need for such a foundation as the sutranovum foundation. We don’t yet know how long this will take but it’s sane to see this work being finite.

We believe teaching a man to fish in such a way that preserves and ameliorates the environment is more important than teaching a man to fish (without that focus being primary) and, of course, more important than just giving a man a fish.

This metaphor applies to every area of human endeavor.

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